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Total Call Mobile
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Choose any of the following options to activate your Refill Card balance.

Call the Auto Refill line #TCM (#826) from your Total Call Mobile phone. Call the Auto Refill line 800-636-5130 from any phone. Call our Customer Service Center at 800-550-5265.

Terms & Conditions

Anytime minutes expire after 60 days after activation or refill date. A minimum of $10 must be added every 60 days to keep your account active. If the account is refilled before the 60 day. The existing balance (if any) will carry over to the new expiration date. If the minimum $10 is not added to the account or the balance drops to $0. Any remaining funds in the account will be inactive account becomes lower and the subscriber loses the phone number. For assistance please contact customer service at the number provided above.