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Activating your Cricket PAYGo service for the first time:

1. With your Cricket PAYGo phone available call 1-866-598-2499 from a phone other than your PAYGo phone. 2. Provide your Name, birthday, Address + ZIP Code, and have your device ID ready. 3. Customer Service will walk you through the activation process. 4. Dial *228 to program your Cricket PAYGo phone.

Adding funds to your Cricket PAYGo Account - For existing customers:

1. With your PIN number available dial *PAY(729) from your Cricket PAYGo phone. 2. Follow the prompts to add the value of the PIN to your account.

For Customer Service Call 1-866-598-2499.

PIN expirations: $10 expires 7 days from the date of PIN activation. $15 and $20 expire 30 days from the date of PIN activation. $30 expires 60 days from the date of PIN activation. If your account balance remains at zero for a period of 60 days your service will be terminated and you will lose your telephone number. For more information visit or calling Customer Care at *611. Service is not available in all areas. Unlimited coverage is not available in all areas. Not all value denominations are available in all areas. PIN may not be activated more than one year after date of purchase. If you need assistance or have any questions and/or concerns, please contact the customer service number provided above.